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Mission Statement

To provide powerful performance females that will become foundation families for purebred and commercial producers.  We do this through the exclusive use of proven AI sires on Top Quality cows that rank in the TOP TEN PERCENT of the Angus breed for growth traits. We are totally focused on females.

After a very successful dispersal sale in 2015, we have decided to continue the tradition of offering cattle with superior growth genetics to those wishing to start registered herds or those wishing to bring the best in growth genetics to their herds. When we say "superior" we measure that by where the cattle place in the breed for growth EPDs. We want to offer cattle that rank in the top 5% of the breed for weaning weight and yearling weight EPDs. We believe that in this part of the country our commercial producers sell their calves as feeders and stockers. In other words, they get paid by the pound. It only makes sense then that the fastest growing cattle are going to produce the greatest profit for the cattleman.

In addition to making growth our major selection tool, we have not overlooked the importance of two other critical traits, calving ease and docility. We want cows that are gentle and calve unassisted. We want to offer calving ease bulls that are easy to handle and sire fast growing calves.

It is not easy to find cattle that exhibit EPDs that rank in the top 5% of the breed for all these criteria. When you examine these cattle I think you will see that the offspring from these cattle do indeed promise to deliver SUPERIOR growth with calving ease and docility. Listed below are some of the cows in the herd that are representative of our goal to provide you the very best.

A Note about EPDs

To some they are a mystery, to others they are an invaluable tool for measuring the worth of an animal compared to another. To the beef producer who is managing the business for maximum profit, the use of EPDs in the selection and marketing of cattle is indispensable. If you are the least bit uncomfortable in working with EPDs or need assistance in learning more, please let us help you to be able to make informed decisions. A wise man once said that if you don't measure it you can't manage it. EPDs are the cattle measurement tool. In my business career, which includes over 50 years of raising Registered Angus cattle, I formulated a four step continuous improvement procedure to guide my decision making processes. The steps work for any business decision but applied to the raising of beef cattle, it works like this.

1 COLLECT THE DATA (Birth weight, weaning weight, yearling weight, Milk and $ Beef EPDs). Without data you can't analyze anything or make informed decisions! The more data you collect and the higher the accuracy of the data, the higher the probability of making the right decision. Fortunately there is an abundance of highly accurate data readily available to the buyer of Registered Angus cattle.

2 ANALYZE THE DATA What traits need improving in my herd? Where does the prospective animal rank in the breed for the traits selected? How does the prospective animal compare to another? If I am selling my calves at weaning time and wanting to maximize weaning weights, I would look very strongly at the Weaning Weight EPDs of the animals I was considering. When selecting a bull, I would also look at birth weight EPDs at the same time to insure that the animal will fit with the age and type of animals intended to be bred.

3 TAKE ACTION Make a change big enough to make a difference! Select an animal with the highest EPDs for the traits that you want to improve. Because of the lengthy time before you will see results, (you won't be able to get weaning weights on calves for 17 months from conception), taking small steps in pursuit of your goal will take too long. Buy the very best genetics you can afford and breed up from there rather than trying to catch up. Due to the use of EPDs, artificial breeding to proven sires, and embryo transplant the rate of improvement in Angus genetics is extremely rapid. Small steps will prevent your herd from keeping pace with the advancement of the breed.

RETURN TO STEP 1 Now the fun begins! Measure the change. Collect the data on the calves. (Birth weight, weaning weight etc.) Analyze the data. Did I see the expected improvement in my weaning weights? How much? Where do I need to go from here?

Breed Average 1.5 48 25 85117.0012
Sky King Ranch Avg 1.0973.55 28.91 128.36 147.91 23.27
Percentile 40 1 20 2 1010


You know, with having the ability to select the finest bulls in the country from the various semen providers, we as seed stock producers are left with the daunting task of finding the very best cows to breed them to. Just as the bull studs search all over the country for the best bulls, I search the country for outstanding female genetics.

N136 is the rewarding result of that search. She really is the total package.

Want to talk about growth, she ranks in the top 1% of the entire angus breed for WW, YW and RADG, while having a calving ease birthweight. That's an amazing spread.

Her maternal traits are equally impressive. She has a CED in the top 1%, top 2% for CEM and top 3% for Heifer pregnancy with moderate above average milk EPD.

Want to talk end product merit? Top 1 % for CW, $W and $B. Top 2% for $F and $G with a marbling EPD in the top 3%.

To say she is a curve bender is an understatement. Not many cows deserved to be flushed but she certainly does. We will be offering the right to flush her to the bull of your choice this fall.

G A R All In N136             Reg: AAA +*18765454             Cow
Birth Date: 05/18/2016 Tattoo: N136
Parentage: SNP Genomic: i50K
Breeder: 192604 - Gardiner Angus Ranch Inc, Ashland KS
Owner(s): 633717 - Thomas J Zone, Sanford NC

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It's hard to imagine what the future holds for this deep bodied, big numbered KCF Bennett Absolute daughter. The possibilities are limitless. Her Weaning weight and Yearling weight EPDs place her in the top 1% of the Angus breed. Her double digit CED and low birth weight make her an amazing curve bender.

Stop by and give your eyes a treat when you see her. And then take a gander at her Sydgen Enhance heifer while you're here.

Bridges Absolute 7441             Reg: AAA +*19069141             Cow
Birth Date: 08/26/2017 Tattoo: 7441
Parentage: SNP Genomic: Angus GS
Breeder: 1162787 - Bridges Angus Farm LLC, Lexington GA
Owner(s): 633717 - Thomas J Zone, Sanford NC

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2744 is a Prophet daughter who really exemplifies the type of cows that hit the target. She ranks in the top 4% of the breed for weaning weight, yearling weight and milk. She ranks in the top 3% for calving ease direct and docility. She is truly an exceptional cow that has all the bases covered. Her bull calf by Sky King Rampage is the proof of the pudding. Come see this outstanding pair.

Goode Prophet 2744             Reg: AAA 17320786             Cow
Birth Date: 09/18/2012 Tattoo: 2744
Parentage: SNP Genomic: PF50 Genomic Prog: 2
Breeder: 1039422 - Goode Angus, Pampa TX
Owner(s): 633717 - Thomas J Zone, Sanford NC

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1334 is a Deer Valley All In daughter who consistently gets the job done. She has a 368-day caving interval on 4 calves. She is a genuine high growth, curve bender female who ranks in the top 2% of the breed for weaning weight, top 3% for yearling weight while having a below average birth weight EPD. She is currently nursing her Byergo Black Magic 3348 heifer calf. AA#19514024
This is a pair currently available for sale and worthy of your consideration and visit.

G A R All In 1334             Reg: AAA +18004592             Cow
Birth Date: 08/23/2014 Tattoo: 1334
Parentage: SNP Genomic: i50K
Breeder: 192604 - Gardiner Angus Ranch Inc, Ashland KS
Owner(s): 633717 - Thomas J Zone, Sanford NC

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